Major economic factors

Economic factors are components that affect the production and distribution of material goods. They can lead both to economic growth and to its stagnation. There are different classifications, which include a different number of factors. Separately, there are factors of economic growth and economic security

Why did the gold price fall?

The fact that the fall in the price of gold, the experts warned in advance. For a long time, since the last years of the 20th century and up to 2007, the price of the precious metal has steadily increased. This was directly related to the growth of the economy as a whole and a favorable situation on the world market

Extrapolation method in modern economy

Any modern economic theory should be based on specific laws that allow to anticipate, analyze and foresee events that will happen in the future. On the basis of this, experts build long-term patterns of behavior that allow them to benefit and avoid unnecessary losses. Needless to say, such an approach is vital for effective development

Quantitative risk analysis: how not to lose in business?

Today, a large number of business plan projects, even if they have a corresponding section containing an analytical aspect, narrow the problem only to the analysis of financial or banking risks and do not reflect the full range of risks. However, specialists need to widely use both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis

SWIFT - what is it? SWIFT Translation System

A lot of people in our time like to go abroad to earn money. Such a concept as a remittance, for a long time and seriously entered into the everyday life of citizens of different countries. In most cases, the question of money transfer becomes acute. The choice of the transfer method, the payment of commissions - all this falls on the shoulders of working abroad

Science for dummies: how the activities of the main participants of the economy are interconnected

The economy is a complex, multi-component system, all the subjects and processes of which are dependent on each other. The interaction of the participants (subjects) is associated with the operation of economic laws and is based on the principle of limited resources. But it should be considered in more detail how the activities of the main participants of the economy are interconnected

Milan: population and area

The world capital of fashion, design and the financial and industrial center of Italy is located in the north of the country. The city is the capital of the homonymous province and Lombardy, the largest region of Italy. By population Milan, the second in the country after Rome. The whole world knows this city from two football clubs "Milan" and "Internazionale", whose fans are in almost every corner of the planet

The most expensive homes in the world. Forbes ranking leaders

The condition of the owners of the most expensive living space is estimated astronomical amounts. Only billionaires can afford to build or buy the most expensive homes in the world. According to Forbes - one of the most authoritative economic publications that make up various ratings, including luxury real estate, the most expensive house on the planet is the Antilla mansion worth $ 1 billion

Stock ratio. Formula calculation. Analysis of the value of the indicator

There are many different indicators that assess the detail of enterprises, the financial condition and the effectiveness of managing human and other resources. Another important area is the economic analysis, which is responsible for determining the level of efficiency of use and the involvement of fixed assets in the production process

The international division of labor is what?

In the modern world there is not a single self-sufficient state. Doubtful exceptions can serve unless highly limited systems like North Korea. However, they all the more confirm the inefficiency of full self-sufficiency. Not a single state, even a very developed one, is capable of absolutely independently providing all the conditions for a sufficiently effective reproduction of all services and goods for its citizens and state needs

Key Macroeconomic Indicators - List and Dynamics

How can I check a particular system? For this indicators were invented. In the productions they are alone, in technology others, and in economics the third. All are designed for a specific purpose. What macroeconomic indicators of the economy are used now? And what is allowed to know? general information The development of the human community throughout history has been characterized by certain types of economic relationships

The beneficiary is ... Who is the beneficiary?

The issues of protection of property rights to property were significant for humanity in any historical epoch and under the most diverse social and political formations. What is most significant about these issues? Some common points In the definition and regulation of property relations, there are a number of fundamental concepts on which the entire legal framework and legal system are based

Cost inflation

Cost inflation is a process by which the overall price level rises due to increased costs for production and sales of products. A similar problem may arise due to the fact that aggregate supply exceeds the level of demand. Inflation affects almost all types of company costs. Consider the main reasons for this process

Herfindahl-Hirschman index. Formula. Application

The Herfindahl-Hirschman index is one of the main indicators by which one can distinguish between markets of pure monopoly, oligopoly, monopolist and perfect competition. It shows how many companies are represented in a particular market segment, what is the share of their products. Formula for determining the index The formula of the Herfindahl-Hirschman index is as follows: HHI = S 1 2 + S 2 2 +

Special economic zones of Russia: description

If the state of the state's economy leaves much to be desired and is absolutely unattractive for foreign investors, then one of the ways out of this situation is special zones organized in the territory of the country. Within these separate territories, it is possible to conduct a completely different industrial, investment, fiscal and tariff policy

The economy of Georgia after the collapse of the USSR and its development (briefly). The place of Georgia in the world economy

The economy of Georgia at the time of the entry of the state into the USSR industrialized at a rapid pace. Since the mid-1910s, over 60 years, the national treasury has grown almost 100 times. It was in Georgia that there were the biggest salaries and social benefits. Huge sums by the government were spent on the transition from the agricultural sector to the industrial sector

Singapore's GDP is growing, but not as fast as before

Singapore is often cited as the global benchmark for economic reform that has raised a small island nation, from the poorest countries in the world to a world leader. At one time, part of the British Empire, then the Malay Federation, from which the island was excluded because the Chinese had a dominant position in business, now Singapore in terms of per capita GDP has bypassed both of these countries

The minimum consumer budget of a family of 4 people. The concept of the minimum consumer budget and its value. What is included in the minimum consumer budget?

In the entire history of mankind, from the most ancient empires and the birth of political and economic institutions and ending with modern society, information on the situation of the population is of paramount importance. It reflects the level of development of the state. New time - new concepts The development of modern society was accompanied by the emergence of socio-economic institutions

Budget balance

Quite often we hear such a thing as “balanced budget”, but not everyone knows what it is. In this article you will find answers to many of your questions related to this term. As you know, the budget consists of two parts, which are interconnected - income and expenditure. When they are equal, expenditure commitments do not exceed revenues, the budget can be called balanced. In

The indigenous population of Siberia. Population of Western and Eastern Siberia

Siberia occupies a vast geographical area of ​​Russia. Once it included such neighboring states as Mongolia, Kazakhstan and part of China. Today this territory belongs exclusively to the Russian Federation. Despite the huge area, there are relatively few settlements in Siberia. Most of the region is occupied by tundra and steppe. De

Economy in a recession. What happens in the economy after the recession process?

The life cycle of the business activity of any enterprise or economy of an entire state includes several stages. First comes the rise, then the work reaches its peak. Sooner or later there is a recession, which can end in complete decline. The third stage preceding the crisis is decisive. This stage is called a recession

Matveyev Kurgan - description and development

On the river bank near Rostov there is an amazing city - Matveyev Kurgan. The settlement has a convenient location for tourists who come to visit Rostov, thereby significantly increasing the economic level. True, you will have to drive about 110 km to look into the small world of the town. Residents here have a little more than 15 thousand

Mints of Russia

Mints are production-type enterprises whose main activity is the minting of coins, the production of orders, medals and other distinctive symbols. The history of enterprises goes into the distant past, at the time of the appearance of the first monetary systems. Today, mints are high-tech enterprises that issue coins at the request of State banks

Ust-Nera - the center of Oymyakonia

Oimyakonye is a territory known to the whole world as a pole of cold (the lowest temperature –71.2 degrees). In addition, the largest temperature fluctuation on earth is recorded here - on average, from 61 with a minus sign to 39 with a plus sign. This territory is located between two ridges - Chersky and Suntar-Hayat.

Weighted average - what is it and how to calculate it?

In the process of studying mathematics, schoolchildren become acquainted with the concept of arithmetic mean. In the future, in statistics and some other sciences, students are faced with the calculation of other average values. What they can be and how they differ from each other? Averages: Meaning and Differences Not always accurate indicators give an understanding of the situation

The ancient Belarusian city Volkovysk: population and history

The ancient small town was a member of three states, until the fourth one became Belarusian. For more than a thousand-year history, Volkovysk more than once was captured and destroyed by foreign troops. Currently, it is a green and cozy provincial town. general information The city of regional subordination is located on the banks of the Ross River, in the south-east of the Grodno region

Brazil: industry and agriculture

Among Latin American countries, Brazil holds the lead in overall economic potential. The industry of this country is important, but agriculture remains the main filler of the state budget. It employs over 20 percent of the population. The main economic indicators of the country Football, textiles, wheat, coffee

The quadrant is Kiyosaki's concept of financial independence.

Robert Kiyosaki is a famous American businessman, author of books and a motivational speaker. His most famous work, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, is still on the bestseller list today. Kiyosaki advocates learning one and all the basics of financial literacy. The money quadrant is one of his concepts, which is designed to settle income and expenses, as well as help you understand how to get rich

The cost of the ruble of marketable products: the formula, the method of determining

Any manager of an operating enterprise engaged in the production of any goods has an idea of ​​costs, expenses, and costs. For the success of a company, it is necessary to control costs accurately and strictly, to be able to manage them, and to strive to reduce them continuously. Cost Essence Simply put, costs represent the monetary expression of resources spent on the production, storage and marketing of products. It

Shock Therapy in Russia 1992

One of the most famous phenomena in the domestic economy of the last decade of the last century was the so-called shock therapy in Russia (1992). In short, this term means a complex of radical measures aimed at improving the economy. In different countries, this tool had a different success. How did shock therapy manifest itself in Russia (1992), what is it, what consequences did the use of this method have for the state

Macroeconomics is defined as an area of ​​economic theory that studies the processes occurring at the level of the national economy as a whole.

Macroeconomics is defined as an area of ​​economic theory that studies the productivity, structure, behavior and decision-making process of the economy as a whole, and not its individual subjects, segments or markets studied at the micro level. It considers the national, regional and global aspect. Mi

Budgeting is not directly based on ... The main phases of budgeting

Any economic entity works on the principle of budgeting, that is, the formation of a financial "wallet" for a certain period. Working with him is an important part of the economic strategy, since exactly what is defined in it will influence the further possibilities of fulfilling the goals set

Lermontovsky Prospect. Metro came to the outskirts

Last fall, the first passengers were taken to the Zhulebino and Lermontovsky Prospect stations. The metro in this direction has stepped beyond the Moscow ring road and has arrived in remote distant neighborhoods. What preceded this? A brief history excursion The transport situation in the south-east of Moscow was quite tense in the Soviet era

An entrepreneur is a person with meaningful goals.

The entrepreneur is one of the most important steps to which a person who aspires and wants to conquer such a peak as a business needs to climb. This status allows you to open new opportunities to achieve their goals. Business is a modern and popular activity that is gaining ever-increasing momentum, the foundation of which is entrepreneurship

Yuzhnouralsk: population, employment, ethnic composition

Yuzhnouralsk is a city in the territory of the Chelyabinsk region of the Russian Federation. Chelyabinsk is 88 km away. It is located on the river Uvelka. Seven kilometers from it is located well. The station “Nizhneuvelskaya”, which is connected to the city by means of a railway branch, at the end of which there is Art. Yu

Bryansk: population, employment

Bryansk is the administrative center of the Bryansk region, a city of regional significance. On January 1, 2016, he was on the 49th line of the rating of cities of Russia by the number of inhabitants. So the population of Bryansk is 405, 921 people. Character traits Of course, if you come to the Bryansk region, visit its center - the city of Bryansk

The best books on financial literacy: rating, description and reviews

Financial illiteracy is very dangerous, because it not only condemns a person to poverty in poverty, but also destroys any chance of improving the situation. A person makes increasingly unfortunate decisions, which means that he can afford less and less. To prevent this from happening, you need to read the best books on financial literacy

The volley fire system "Tornado": characteristics. "Tornado-G" - multiple launch rocket system

For many decades, the Grad installation adopted in 1963 had no equal in combat qualities, simplicity and reliability - the main traditional indicators of Russian weapons. Despite the further development of the concept of multi-rocket artillery, expressed in the appearance of the "Hurricane" and "Smerch", it remained the most common in the Soviet Army and in the former Soviet Union after its collapse, and far beyond

Kambarsky District: history, population and other facts

Kambarsky district is an administrative-territorial unit and a municipality (municipal district) of the Udmurt Republic (Russian Federation). About its geographical location, history, population is described in this material. Geographical location and natural resources The date of foundation of the Kambarsky administrative region is 1924

Kinds of cost in estimated activity

Cost is one of the key characteristics of the subject of a civil transaction. What are its signs? How are values ​​classified? What is the purpose of calculating relevant indicators in business or real estate business and by what methods? What is "cost" and "evaluation" Before exploring the types of value and related grounds for its classification, we will determine what it is. Th

What is an economic relationship?

Economic relations are certain relations in which people are forced to enter in the process of social reproduction, regardless of their consciousness and will. This process can be divided into four components - production, distribution, exchange and consumption. Any system of economic relations can not be considered in isolation from reproduction, which is typical for each state in a narrowed, expanded or simple version

Modern innovative technology: definition and scope

Innovative technology - a tool of the field of knowledge, covering the methodological and organizational issues of innovation. Research in this area is engaged in such an area of ​​science as innovation. Modern innovative technologies are associated with a large number of problems that may be the subject of their research. Al

Nevinnomyssk: population and history of the company town

Even the chemical plant could not spoil the picturesque landscapes and southern landscape of this city. Nevinnomyssk happily escaped the sad fate of most Russian single-industry towns. And although the town-forming enterprise "Nevinnomyssky Nitrogen" has long been not public property, but the population of Nevinnomyssk is not particularly poor only because of its work

Import Substitution is ... Import Substitution Program

The Russian economy today is experiencing not the most stable times. This is largely due to the large dependence of individual sectors of the national economy on foreign suppliers. In this regard, in the economic development of the country, import substitution becomes especially relevant. What is this process

Classifier OKPD: tasks, device, structure

Classifier OKPD is a systematic and coded product catalog. Development and modification The development of this classifier was engaged in the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. The necessary changes and additions are made by Rosstatistika. Since 2015, JECD has been in operation 2. Classifier Tasks OKPD allows to solve problems: drawing up acts that regulate certain types of industries; application of coding and product classification in the state statistics; in the implementation of public procurement, as well as municipal procurement, classifier codes are used in the preparation of do

Kaspiysk: population, history and date of creation, location, infrastructure, enterprises, attractions, reviews of residents and visitors

The population of Kaspiysk today is 116, 340 people. This city is located in the Republic of Dagestan, part of the urban district of the same name. The settlement was included by the Russian government in the list of single-industry towns, the social and economic situation in which causes serious concern

International and foreign economic relations

The global division of labor, the development of international institutions and transnational corporations have united all countries of the world into a complex system of relationships. By the middle of the 20th century, there were no countries left without international and foreign economic relations

The law of competition: the concept, the basis of the economy and the principle of action

From the moment when price liberalization took place in our country, the law of competition unknown heretofore began its work. Pricing was entirely out of the hands of the state, which had previously always independently set prices in both retail and wholesale, and they remained firm for decades. At present, this process is extremely flexible, and it is controlled only by the law of competition

Income and profit: what is the difference between two economic concepts

For any entrepreneur, the categories of income and profit are the most significant. Each seller in a competitive market seeks to maximize their cash receipts and receive a steady income, but what is the difference between these two concepts and how to learn to count them? The answer to these questions you can find in this article

Profit in the economy is ... Definition, types, formation, use

Profit in the economy - is expressed in monetary terms, the ratio between costs and cost of goods sold. How it is analyzed, how it is formed, and how it is distributed in a market economy, we will discuss in the article. Accounting, normal and economic profit There are three types of financial indicators

The size of unemployment benefits in Europe

Unemployment benefit is the material support by the state of the able-bodied population, temporarily unemployed, but engaged in an effective job search and ready to start work. Historically, the world has formed two types of income protection for the unemployed - this is the social insurance benefit for unemployment and monetary (or other) assistance to the unemployed

Blue Stream gas pipeline: interesting facts

Blue Stream is the largest trans-Black Sea gas pipeline through which fuel flows from Russia to Turkey. It was built by the Dutch branch of Gazprom, BV and the Italian Eni, and began operations in 2005. Part of the gas pipeline in Turkey is controlled by the local energy company BOTAS. The rest of the controlled by the Russian Federation

Kazakhstan: economy. Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

In the very center of Asia there is a large state called Kazakhstan. The economy of this country is characterized by an agro-industrial structure and a powerful sector of the mining industry. In terms of its overall potential, it is the largest in the Central Asian region. What is the current market economy of Kazakhstan

2008 - the crisis in Russia and the world, its consequences for the global economy. World financial crisis 2008: causes and prerequisites

In 2008, the crisis swept the whole world. The beginning of the global financial problems began with the collapse of the stock market. From January 21 to January 22, chaos reigned on all the exchanges. It was not only the stock prices that collapsed, but also the securities of companies that were doing well

Demographic ballad: how many residents in the Crimea?

Not so long ago, Russia annexed new (old) territories - the city of Sevastopol and the Crimea. The peninsula has a long and tangled demographic history. To figure out how many people in the Crimea, few bare facts. Details are needed, sometimes sad and tragic. Let's figure it out. Crimea is a multinational region

What is a laser weapon?

A laser is a quantum optical generator. Today there are no combat lasers other than the American ALTB (a military laboratory with a prototype of such weapons on board). All the rest is just R & D. Laser weapons (the so-called "death rays") excites the imagination of both the townsfolk and scientists

Administrative division of Moscow: features of municipal administration, the most and least populated districts

The capital of the Russian Federation, Moscow is the largest city in Europe. As of 2017, 12.3 million people live in this city. And this is without taking into account the huge number of illegal workers from neighboring republics. The administrative division of Moscow is difficult, due to the special status of the city and a large number of people

Mining town Prokopyevsk: population decreases

Old by the Siberian standards mining town Prokopyevsk became a major industrial center in the Soviet era. Now he is experiencing hard times, many industrial enterprises have long been closed, as are part of the mines. The population of Prokopyevsk decreased by almost a third compared with the best years

Diversification is a measure of diversity in the aggregate.

Diversification is a strategy aimed at reducing risks by adding assets, services, products, banks to the assets of an organization. This concept is also used in narrower meanings. In economic activity, diversification is the expansion of the activity of large organizations or industries beyond the core business

Market demand. Demand curve. Law of demand

Economic science involves many terms, rules, laws, formulas, hypotheses, as well as ideas. No statement can be absolutely right or wrong. The thought of every economist is amenable to criticism. Indeed, unlike mathematics, there will be no exact rules, such as two and two will be four, just not. This is due to many factors

Taiwan's economy: features, development plans

A small island nation that calls itself the Republic of China is known to the whole world as Taiwan. It is recognized by 23 countries. Taiwan accepted two waves of immigrants from mainland China. The first happened when rich supporters of the Ming dynasty fled from the persecution of supporters of the Qing Empire (after about 1644)

Population of Sayanogorsk and its employment

Sayanogorsk is one of the cities of the Republic of Khakassia. The population of Sayanogorsk is 47983 people. It is the third largest and largest city in Khakassia. This settlement is located on the bank of the Yenisei River, at a distance of 80 km from Abakan. All this is the southern part of Eastern Siberia

The problem of poverty and its solutions. Poor people

The problem of poverty in modern society is one of the most important among the social. This phenomenon is complex, provoked by various causes and prerequisites. Their role is played by culture, economics, psychology, the mentality of nationality. Often, poverty is directly related to the geographical location of the area, historical peripeteia and other conditions of formation, development of the area, the state

The population of Cairo: the number and ethnic composition

Babylon in Egypt, Memphis, Al-Qatiyah and Heliopolis, which means the City of the Sun, - Egypt’s neighbors came up with many names in its capital. Marvelous Cairo was founded in 969 AD e. the first pharaoh of Egypt, Narmer. He united two kingdoms under his rule: the northern red kingdom and the southern white kingdom.

Population of the Vologda region: number, average density. Social protection of the population of the Vologda region

The Vologda region is one of the age-old Russian regions with a high share of the Russian population and a long history of development. All this, together with the natural conditions, determines the lifestyle and traditions prevailing in this region. The relatively low population density, a large proportion of rural residents and negative demographic dynamics are typical of this and its neighboring regions

Ways to solve the food problem. The geography of hunger. UN Food Program

The twentieth century is the age of globalization and scientific progress. Mankind conquered space, tamed the energy of the atom, and unraveled many secrets of Mother Nature. At the same time, the twentieth century brought us a number of global problems - environmental, demographic, energy, socio-economic

Monitoring is an effective monitoring tool.

More and more enterprises and organizations are introducing monitoring as a permanent element of their activities. This is a diagnosis of the dynamics of all processes occurring in the company. The essence of monitoring is the accumulation of necessary information and its thorough analysis. Its regular implementation provides the enterprise with the timely detection of errors and, accordingly, their correction in the shortest possible time

The population of the Volgograd region. Number, major cities and districts

One of the most significant regions of the Russian Federation is the Volgograd region. The population of cities and villages of this region is of quite great interest for such a science as demography. It was formed from various ethnic and social elements. No less interesting is the history of the settlement of this region

The Economist Milton Friedman: Biography, Ideas, Life, and Sayings

Milton Friedman is an American economist who won the Nobel Prize in 1976 for his research on consumption, monetary history and the complexities of stabilization policies. Together with George Stigler, he was the intellectual leader of the second generation of the Chicago school. His students include such distinguished economists as Gary Bakker, Robert Vogel, Ronald Coase, Robert Lucas Jr

Want to know how millionaires became millionaires?

As millionaires became millionaires, many people who want to improve their financial situation are interested. However, we must immediately stipulate that there is no single recipe for achieving this goal. At various times, using various means, famous and not-so-great people became successful and prosperous

Unemployment rate in Russia in 2014 and forecast for 2015. Unemployment dynamics in Russia

The concept of unemployment, in accordance with the ILO methodology, which Rosstat uses in a modified form, is the ratio of the economically active population of a country aged 15 to 72 years to people who at the time of the study were seeking to find work or were interested in finding employment. The specifics of assessing the level of unemployment in Russia The unemployment rate in Russia is determined by taking into account two parameters: The number of calls to the employment service

How many people live in Moscow officially

The city of Moscow is interesting and unusual. With a unique flavor. In some corners you can feel in the Soviet Union, and after passing a couple of metro stations, you will end up in the city of the future. Where else are modern and ancient history so combined? Where are the modern shopping center and the ancient temple facing each other

US Millionaire Cities: Population and Interesting Facts

The United States is the state of megacities. Huge US millionaire cities beckon with endless possibilities and are always associated with success. Statistics says that more than half of the citizens of this country live in giant conglomerates. In them rush not only the indigenous people of America, but also migrants arriving from Asia, Europe and Africa

Copper city Upper Pyshma: population and history

The copper capital of the Middle Urals, as the Upper-Pyshminians sometimes call their city, is one of the most prosperous cities in Russia. Thanks to the successful work of the town-forming enterprise of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company - Verkhnyaya Pyshma is confidently looking to the future

Isoquant is an indicative graph.

An isoquant is a graph that represents a curve representing various combinations of costs under conditions of a constant volume of product production. This phenomenon is also called the characteristic lines of equal release. Value Isoquant is a graph that allows you to understand how to get the highest profit while saving production

Public property is ... Concept and types of public property

In legal literature in recent times often used such concepts as "private and public property". Meanwhile, not everyone clearly understands the differences between them and often confuses them. Further in the article we will try to understand what property is, what features the public property possesses and how it can acquire such status

Cyprus: population, climate, area

Cyprus today is one of the most beautiful and most popular places in the Mediterranean. The mild climate and enchanting nature give the rest a special attraction. The main beauties of the island of Cyprus are the sea, blue sky, golden beaches and centuries-old sights. And what else might be needed for a perfect pastime

The monetary reform of 1993 in Russia: causes and results

Whatever reforms are carried out in Russia, for some reason they always end up with the fact that the state once again gets into the pocket of its citizens. After all, it is much easier than to earn or give to earn. That and the monetary reform of 1993 in Russia, hiding behind the slogans of curbing inflation, once again confiscated small savings from the population

Analysis of fixed assets of the enterprise

Making a comprehensive study of the state of affairs in a particular firm, it is necessary to fully cover all stages of the production process, as well as carefully analyze the assets and liabilities of the enterprise. Since fixed assets represent the largest part of assets, their analysis should be carried out very carefully

Scientific and industrial interdisciplinary complex. The interbranch complex is ...

The interbranch complex is a special integration structure. Within its framework, the interaction of different industrial sectors, activities. They are focused on the performance of any functions in the production and distribution of products. Next, we will take a closer look at what interbranch complexes exist

The common economic space is ... Definition of the concept, main features, factors and processes

Any state begins with a common living space, it is ultimately the main reason for the formation of peoples from scattered groups of people. And the first distinctive feature of an ethnos is a single economic space. Living on a common territory, people enter into social and economic relations, gradually developing the "rules of the hostel"

Economic rating of the countries of the world: where to invest?

The most important indicator of economic growth is gross domestic product. GDP makes it possible to determine the market value of all goods and services produced in a state across all branches of production, and in almost all cases the economies of the world are sensitive to this indicator. The rating of world economies can be made on the basis of this and many other macroeconomic indicators

BBB rating. Credit ratings and research

It is necessary to somehow assess the state of affairs in the state. You can impartially judge the purchasing power or consider a specific option for a particular case and be interested in what is important. For example - the likelihood of debt repayment. And from this point of interest provides a credit rating and research on its establishment

CRA is ... Special Drawing Rights

SDR is an abbreviation for the English name, which in Russian sounds like “special drawing rights” (SDR). SDRs are considered synthetic currency and an international reserve asset, which is issued by the IMF and is used to secure financial relations between its members. Reserves are established in this currency and loans are issued by it. Ac

Votkinsk hydroelectric station. History of creation, specifications and incidents

Votkinsk HPP is a hydroelectric power station built on the Kama River. About her and the story goes in the material. Geographical location of the station The construction was erected near the town of Tchaikovsky, Perm Region. A total of 3 hydroelectric power plants were built in the Volga-Kama cascade

Methods of economic analysis of the enterprise - theoretical aspects

For a qualitative assessment of the results of economic activity of the enterprise used economic analysis. At the same time, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between two concepts of economic analysis: “methodology” and “methods”. The methodology is considered to be the creation of a peculiar model of the relationship between performance indicators and factors that influence these results. In con

Fundamentals of financial management and their main elements

The fundamentals of financial management are laid in every area of ​​economic activity carried out by business entities. At the same time, they quite successfully use special methods to influence finances in the event of the emergence of corresponding relationships. They are characterized by such methods of financial management and uniform techniques such as financial planning, programming and forecasting. We

Classification of fixed assets of the enterprise. The concept, essence and classification of fixed assets

Fixed assets - one of the most important elements of production. They represent a set of values ​​that have material and material expression and are used as a means of labor for a long time or several times. At the same time, their natural form does not change, and the cost is transferred to the products and services created. Cl

What is agglomeration in terms of economy

The financial contours and technological solutions of the modern information world are changing so rapidly that it is impossible to keep track of the variable economic meaning of familiar words, meanings and concepts. Say what is agglomeration? It would seem so much simpler: a region of a country or a large industrial center, around which industrial and technological chains are formed, local labor and financial capital markets, scientific and educational centers

Square of India. Some geographical facts

India (another name is Bharata) is one of the largest states in the world. In addition, it is a country with such long traditions that it can rightly be called "the cradle of civilization." The achievements of India in ancient and middle ages in the field of medicine, culture, philosophical and religious teachings had a great influence on the emergence and further development of the civilization of the East

Why Japanese rice is the most expensive in the world

Not a single dish in Japanese cuisine is complete without rice. This grass is very common in the land of the rising sun and is loved by the inhabitants of this state. But the most interesting thing is that the Japanese prefer to cook and use only their own rice when cooking - Japanese rice. Maki Maki restaurants offer their customers a few different rice dishes presented on the page http://makimaki

Balance sheet analysis

The balance sheet, in fact, is a way of grouping the property of an economic entity. It presents the balance of property values ​​belonging to the enterprise in two aspects: a description of the location and composition (asset) and a description of the sources of origin and purpose (passive). The main source of information about the business and the financial condition of the enterprise is the balance sheet (Form 1). Ba

The demonetization of gold is a gradual process of gold losing its monetary functions: the causes, stages and consequences

The demonetization of gold is when gold ceases or ceases to be used as a means of payment. This process is natural, since many properties of gold, which previously gave it significance, have become uncomfortable for many. Gold has not ceased to be highly valued, but it has lost its former value. The early stage of development of commodity-money relations

The territory of advanced development. Advance Development Territories Act

The territories of advanced development, a list of which will be given below, have become another attempt by the country's leadership to follow the Chinese path. It involves the formation of special areas, the so-called economic locomotives. Next, we consider what are the territories of advanced development in Russia and why they are needed

Index deflator as an economic indicator

The deflator index is an economic indicator used to recalculate the value of enterprises' assets. In terms of macroeconomic indicators, it is used to adjust the value of GNP (gross national product), taking into account price changes. The deflator of GNP is formed taking into account the funds spent by the state for the purchase of raw materials and industrial goods, as well as taking into account the funds received from the sale of goods and services on the world and domestic markets

Hyperinflation is ... The causes and consequences of hyperinflation for the economy

Galloping hyperinflation is a very dangerous phenomenon for any state, and no one is immune from it. At the time, hyperinflation almost all countries in the world, even those that are currently the leaders of the world economy, got sick. In this article we will consider not only the main causes of hyperinflation, but also its consequences for the state’s economy.

The role of the state in economic life (anarchism): The concept of state and economy in anarchism

The role of the state in economic life and anarchism are concepts that are mutually exclusive. At present, the role of the state in any economy is obvious. One of the basic principles of anarchism is the absence of coercion of power, freedom of man from any kind of coercion, which contradicts the concept of the state

What is the macro and microeconomics?

Macro- and microeconomics are important sciences in terms of studying ongoing business processes. What are they learning? How? These, as well as a number of other questions, will be answered within the article. general information What is the macro / microeconomics? The theory on this score has a clear separation

Economic indicators of economic security (basic concepts)

Financial and economic crises often negatively affect the potential of modern industrial enterprises: investment in product and process innovations is gradually reduced or even completely disappears, fixed capital begins to wear out and grow old, scientific and technical reserves are depleted, and the majority of young and skilled workers leave their place of work

What are the sources of household savings? Household economy rules

We all sometimes complain about the lack of money. But if you don’t be lazy and carefully calculate your expenses, then it turns out that we are paying a lot of money to the wind and don’t even notice it. As a result, there is no money, but there is no satisfaction from their use. Do you want to know what are the sources of savings in the household? Ho